HKMSA’s first virtual orientation camp was successfully held on the 6th of February with the participation of 20 freshers as well as 16 ocamp leaders and university representatives. We thank our volunteers and participants for their enthusiastic partaking in this pioneering event.

Our 2-hour orientation began with the essential pre-departure information and an ice-breaker. This was followed by university-specific breakout discussions where our university representatives gave their fellow juniors advice on how to survive their first years. In the final hour, freshers were randomly allocated into mixed-university groups for games such as Two Truths One Lie, Scribblio and Codename.

We are thrilled to hear hugely positive feedback for this first-time event. Participants reflected that they were able to make new friends and meet friendly seniors through the orientation and thus are keen to attend HKMSA’s future events!

To keep the ball rolling, our o-camp leaders are in the progress of planning follow-up Zoom or in-person meetings with their respective groups. We hope that these groups can stay connected throughout their medical journeys.