Careers Month 2020 July

HKMSA’s first Careers Month has been successfully held in July through Zoom. With participants joining us from Australia, Hong Kong, Europe and Singapore, we had a total of more than 350 participants combined! Thank you for your enthusiasm and support. The response and feedback have been really encouraging and fantastic.

If you are a member with us, you may find resources, recordings and notes on our Facebook group or in our Members-Only Area. If not, you may still find some resources shared on the webinar event pages. Or simply, join us today!

Webinar 1

Stepping stones to your future in Hong Kong: A step-by-step guide by the Hong Kong Hospital Authority

Webinar 2

Tackling the HKMLE: Experience sharing and tips by LMCHK

Webinar 3

Life as a doctor: Australia vs Hong Kong

Webinar 4

HKMSA xISN xHKMSUK: Practicing Around The Globe